Welcome! Thank you for visiting my website. I’m pleased to announce the release of The Keeper’s Defiance, the third book in The Keeper’s Saga. Click here to learn more about my books. Want a sneak peek at some deleted scenes? Click here to read the prologue to The Keeper’s Callingor here for the prologue to The Keeper’s Quest,My books are available on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Deseret Book, BYU Bookstore in Provo, UT and select Costco stores(Hillsboro, Tigard, and Wilsonville, OR).

Check out this new song/music video by Shaun Canon and inspired by The Keeper’s Saga: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuVk4b_whTU

If you’ve read The Keeper’s Calling, The Keeper’s Quest, or The Keeper’s Defiance, I’d love hear what you thought. My email address is kellynelsonauthor@gmail.com. And please follow me on Twitter @kellynelsonauth and Facebook.


Kelly Nelson


Blog tour and book giveaway for The Keeper’s Defiance

Welcome to the blog tour for Kelly Nelson’s third book in The Keeper’s Saga. Read more about The Keeper’s Defiance below and enter to win a signed copy! The scream of a dragon woke me. Wide-eyed, I scrambled to my knees, searching for a place to hide. Then it dawned on me–within the clutches of the [...]

Book 3 is done!

Click to see the cover for Book 3: KeepersDefiance_cover_new                                                                   A Dreadful Dungeon An Epic Journey A Lost Love “The scream of a dragon [...]

What folks are saying about The Keeper’s Saga

Nothing can turn an ordinary day into a great one faster than a fan email. I simply LOVE getting them. I am so curious what other people think when they read my book, or in other words take a glimpse at my daydream. Because that’s really all it is—an elaborate daydream that I set to [...]

First Podcast Interview

It is always a bit nerve-wracking every time I try something for the first time, and the podcast interview I did last week was no exception. I met the very personable Nick Galieti, who reminded me of a professional radio talk-show host. He hosts the weekly Internet radio program titled The Good Word. The insightful [...]

Enter to win a copy of The Keeper’s Quest

This is more of a news item, but I just have to share the link to my sister’s writing blog. She is hosting a giveaway to celebrate the release of Book 2 of The Keeper’s Saga. Enter to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card & a signed copy of The Keeper’s Quest. Click below Lo’s [...]

Deleted prologue for The Keeper’s Quest

The Keeper’s Quest Prologue  Lightning split the night sky over Shuyle, and thunder reverberated through the energy-charged air. Lord Arbon sulked in his overstuffed chair in front of a roaring fire, savoring his foul mood instead of his food. Archidus was his younger brother—and his sworn enemy. One by one, Archidus’ Keepers had picked off [...]

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! There is much to be grateful for at this special season. Family, friends, home & hearth. It was ten years ago today that my father was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. That one emergency room visit on the day after Christmas sent our family down an unforeseen path. The road was [...]

The Next Big Thing Blog Hop

There are the books everyone had heard about: Twilight, Hunger Games, etc. But what about all those books written by people you’ve never heard of? Some of them are treasures, just waiting to be found, and that’s what this blog hop is all about: the books you might not have heard about, but that you [...]

The Prologue for The Keeper’s Calling

Ever wonder what happened in 1863 prior to Chase Harper’s appearance? Well, as requested by several readers, here is the prologue I deleted from The Keeper’s Calling: The Keeper’s Calling Prologue June 2, 1863 The old man knew this was the end. He wouldn’t talk. He had vowed not to give them what they wanted. [...]

When Life Demands Overtime

Life is like an ocean. Always changing and never exactly the same as it was the day before. It swells with success one moment, and the next it might pull you into a trough of trial and tribulation. There are moments when the sun rises over the horizon and paints a picture so beautiful it [...]

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