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Hello Readers,

As a lover of all things reading and romance I am excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day. What would we do without the holiday of love? February can be such dreary month. The novelty of winter, with evenings by the fireplace, hot mugs of cocoa, and a blanket of white powder, starts to fade yet spring is still weeks away.

I love the excuse Valentine’s Day gives me to schedule a date night with my sweetheart. Some years we dress up and go out to dinner and a movie. Other years we pick up pizza and launch Netflix. Whatever we do, it is always fun to celebrate the day together.

But for some, Valentine’s Day can be less than thrilling. Perhaps you dream of being married, but haven’t met Mr. Right. Or the relationship you find yourself in isn’t quite what you dreamed it would be. Rather than focusing on what you might not have, make the day special for someone else. If you have kids, surprise them with a Valentine’s card and a treat when they wake up on February 14th. Or send a note to that best friend who is always there with a listening ear. Or pick up a bag of chocolate for that co-worker who always has your back.

I write YA fantasy, as well as clean romance, and I do believe in magic. Giving of ourselves to others has a magical way of coming back to bless us. For cowboy Colton Murdock in The Woman with No Name rescuing Lily Vanasche brings a few headaches before the blessings arrive. In The Keeper’s Calling, Chase Harper touches a button on an ancient gold device and finds himself in 1863 where he meets Ellie Williams. Falling in love with a girl born nearly 150 years earlier creates quite a tangle for this high school senior. But he never gives up on true love and I hope you don’t either.

To celebrate the week of romance the Kindle version of my latest release The Woman with No Name is on sale for $2.99. If you haven’t read it yet, now’s your chance.

Happy Valentine’s Day! And Happy Reading!

Kelly Nelson

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