Frequently Asked Questions:

The most asked question is when is Are you writing a fourth book?

The answer is YES!  You can thank my mom for Book 4. After she finished reading Book 3 she called me to ask that I write her another chapter for her birthday. She said that was all she wanted–to see Chase and Ellie get married. In other words, she wanted an extended epilogue. I decided if this epilogue was going to be her only birthday present from me, it had better be pretty good. I started daydreaming, then writing, and before I knew it, I had written 38,000 words. That is half the length of a novel. I printed it out for her and sent if off. When I later asked my publisher for permission to release the extended epilogue as an ebook, they asked me to write some more and make it a Book 4. Nowhere in the extended epilogue had I addressed the issue of Legard. He had gone missing after Book 3. So I brought him back and life got interesting for Chase Harper again. Book 4 will be titled The Keepers’ Council and is expected to release the end of 2014.

Where can I buy The Keeper’s Saga books?

They are available at www.Amazon.com, www.bn.com and www.deserestbook.com.

Most Deseret Book stores carry The Keeper’s Saga books. Some Barnes & Noble locations as well as Powell’s Books. At times it is available at the following Costco Warehouses: Hillsboro, OR, Tigard, OR, and Wilsonville, OR. I post all of my book signings in my ‘Events’ segment of my webpage. I announce some of my book signings via Facebook as well, so send me a friend request or like https://www.facebook.com/TheKeepersSaga page for those announcements.

Is any of it true?

Threads of my life run rampant through the pages of The Keeper’s Saga:

I board horses like Chase’s mom. I have kids attending Hillsboro High School.

The horseback ride Chase takes Kim and then Ellie on follows the same trail I gallop my horses along.

Garrick’s blue Camaro in 1968 is the same car my dad bought in 1968 and the one I learned to drive when I turned 16.

The scene in The Keeper’s Calling where the waitress dumps a plate of hot food in Kim’s lap was based on one of the first dates I went on with my husband. It was a dinner date with his family and the first time I’d met them. Keep in mind, I really thought he was a neat guy and I wanted him to like me. The hot plate slipped out of the waitress’ hand and landed upside down in my lap on top of my white sweater and my only pair of Guess jeans. My future mother-in-law followed me into the bathroom to help me clean up and when I started laughing at my crazy predicament, she said, “This isn’t funny. These are expensive clothes.” Unlike Kim, I was gracious and kind, going so far as to give the waitress a hug as we left that night and tell her, “It’s okay. Don’t worry about it.” That plate in my lap ended up being a blessing in disguise because my husband’s mom and dad were so impressed with how I handled the situation, they took an instant liking to me.

In Book 3 I had Garrick give Chase a new blue Camaro. After I wrote the book, I realized I had never really looked at the new Camaro, other than in the Transformers movie, so I went to the Chevy lot and wandered around. Of course the salesmen were on me like bees on honey. Before I knew it, I was taking a test drive. After the test drive, they were trying to sell me the car. I said I couldn’t buy it, but if I ever did, I’d want a manual transmission, not an automatic, which was what we had just driven. The salesman crinkled up the paper he had started writing on and stood up. “That’s a whole different driving experience altogether. We need to go drive a stick shift then.” He grabbed another set of keys and away we went for test drive number two. Wow! I was blown away. I LOVED the car. After that I couldn’t stop dreaming about Camaros. About six months later my husband bought me the blue Camaro with the white rally stripes—my dream car! It has been and will be my birthday-Christmas-anniversary-Valentines present for many years. But, I now had the knowledge to add more detail to my book and bring Chase’s car-driving experience to life.

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