Reading Group Discussion Questions (click here)

Does your book club need a new book to read? How about The Keeper’s Calling? Below are nine questions tailor-made for a group discussion.

~Reading Group Discussion Questions~

 1. What would you do if you were faced with a situation similar to the one Chase Harper experienced—alone in the wilderness with no cell service when you discover a corpse? (Chapter 1-2, pages 16 &19)

2. Many people entertain the idea of destiny or the Fates, and although things happen that we have no control over, we do control our reactions. How have you responded to sudden and unexpected changes in your life? (Chapter 3, page 22)

3. If you found the counter, what would you do with it once you discovered what it was? (Chapter 4, page 53)

4. Chase Harper and his sister Jessica stretch the truth and even lie to protect Ellie and the secret of the counter. When, if ever, is it acceptable to justify lying for the sake of the greater good? (Chapter 5, pages 63 & 66)

5. Lord Arbon had aspired to the calling of Master Keeper, and seeing his brother chosen for the honor infuriated him. Have you ever begrudged someone because of their good fortune, or felt jealous of their success? What can be done to combat these feelings of envy? (Chapter 15, page 163)

6. Speaking of his older brother Lord Arbon, Master Archidus says, “He allowed his bitterness and anger over a trivial disappointment to fester until his desire for revenge was insatiable.” In your circle of friends and acquaintances can you think of an instance when a small offense became a huge rift in a relationship? How could the outcome have been different if they would have been willing to forgive and forget? (Chapter 15, page 163-164)

7. When faced with a trial, we often ask, “Why me?” After considering rejecting the call to be Keeper, Chase thinks, “Why not me? Am I entitled to a life of ease anymore than anyone else?” How can altering our attitude impact the way we endure and overcome our trials? (Chapter 15, page 169)

8. Chase being sent by Master Archidus to help Garrick in 1817 can be likened to the Lord sending help in the form of a friend or family member during our time of need. Have you ever considered that a timely word of encouragement or a helping hand from a friend may have actually been inspired from the Lord? Has the Lord ever intervened to help you, and in what ways? (Chapter 23, page 238)

9. If The Keeper’s Calling was made into a major motion picture, who would you cast as Chase Harper? Ellie Williams? Garrick? Jessica? Master Archidus?

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