Random Thoughts on a New Year (click here)

Like everyone else, the beginning of a new year tends to make me ponder things, such as, where I am, what I’m doing with my life, and where I want to be at the end of the year. Hence, New Year’s Resolutions! I generally consider myself a persistent person. If I haven’t reached a previous goal, I tend to roll it over to the new year and press on, hoping to eventually conquer the beast.

In 2009, I set the goal to write a book. I exceeded my expectations, tripling my goal that year, finishing not one but three of them. In 2010, I set the goal to publish a book. Never have I worked harder to accomplish a goal. But alas, December 31, 2010 found me without a publishing contract. So, the annual, New-Year’s-Resolutions family home evening rolled around, and I again issued the publishing goal for myself. This time, with an additional ounce(okay, maybe it was a ton) of work, a little luck, and a generous sprinkling of Heavenly blessings, I reached my goal. I’m sure my hand was shaking as I penned my sloppy “John Hancock” on the Author’s Signature of my Walnut Springs Press contract line on December 21, 2011.

As with so many things in life, what we previously saw as the finish line, we soon come to realize is only a check-point in a much lengthier race. Like getting married in the temple, having a baby, securing that first “real” job out of college. Those are goals which many of us are striving for or have strived for, but in each case, reaching those goals simply marks the start of the next leg in the relay race of life. So it was for me. I see now, that although I reached a major milestone, I am only just beginning.

It is a privilege, for which I am most grateful, to be able to include in my 2012 goals things like:

  • Travel the Wasatch front doing book signings to promote The Keeper’s Calling.
  • Join LDS Storymakers(an exclusive organization limited to published authors).
  • Attend the PNWA writers conference as an author and participate in their bookstore/author autograph party.
  • Sell enough books that my publisher will publish Book 2 of The Keeper Series. As my editor said, “If book 1 sells well, we will publish book 2.”
  • Get The Farmer’s Deception, my LDS contemporary romance novel, published.
  • But most importantly, I want to spend time with my rapidly maturing family. This year may be our last one together as our oldest daughter will be heading off to college in the fall.
  • Lastly, my roll-over goals. The ones that are never finished and must simply become a way of life. Read my scriptures, ride my horse more, and go to the gym.

Happy New Year my friends! May 2012 find you all happy, healthy, and hopeful in your quest to make your dreams come true.


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