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Closing out April with a Big Bang

Wow, another month has come and is about to be gone. This week I am visiting the blog of the amazing and talented Shaunna Gonzales and we are giving away a copy of The Keeper’s Calling. YES you read that right. Pop on over to her blog @ and then follow the rules. It is simple, […]

Come “Like” The Keeper’s Saga Facebook Page

I love it when I can check something off my to-do list. This week’s check-offs include: The Keeper’s Saga Facebook page. Please click here to follow my page:!/TheKeepersSaga Be the guest blogger on A.L. Sowards site. Come see my answers to her thought-provoking questions at: Set-up and advertise my first bookstore book signing. […]

Reading Group Discussion Questions (click here)

Does your book club need a new book to read? How about The Keeper’s Calling? Below are nine questions tailor-made for a group discussion. ~Reading Group Discussion Questions~  1. What would you do if you were faced with a situation similar to the one Chase Harper experienced—alone in the wilderness with no cell service when […]

When Have I Failed? (click here to read more)

That is the question I asked myself one dreary and discourage-filled day. I had devoted time equivalent to working a full-time job for the past two years with no concrete proof of any progress in my quest to get my book published. After 14 letters of rejection delivered via US Postal Service, 10 emailed queries […]

I am on

Well, not me personally, but my book is! Check it out at: When I found out last week that The Keeper’s Calling would be available on Amazon in a week or two, I couldn’t help myself. I started visiting every day . . . just to see. What a surprise when the thumbnail […]

Cover Photo & News on the Series (click here)

I am so excited! Walnut Springs Press has decided to publish my trilogy, The Keeper’s Saga. My editor said, “The Keeper’s Calling is definitely good enough to plan on doing all three books.” That is music to my ears.

Random Thoughts on a New Year (click here)

Like everyone else, the beginning of a new year tends to make me ponder things, such as, where I am, what I’m doing with my life, and where I want to be at the end of the year. Hence, New Year’s Resolutions! I generally consider myself a persistent person. If I haven’t reached a previous […]

Why do I love writing? (click here)

Why do I love writing? I asked myself that question one day because it struck me as an odd thing to actually enjoy doing. I mean, really, sitting in front of a computer screen and plunking out a seemingly endless stream of words on the keyboard should be boring, right? Isn’t life about doing? I […]

Home Page (click here)

  Welcome! Thank you for visiting my website. I’m pleased to announce the upcoming release of my debut novel, The Keeper’s Calling, to be published by Walnut Springs Press. The Keeper’s Calling is scheduled to be released in March of 2012. If you’d like to receive an update when The Keeper’s Calling is available, please join […]

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