Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

There is much to be grateful for at this special season. Family, friends, home & hearth. It was ten years ago today that my father was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. That one emergency room visit on the day after Christmas sent our family down an unforeseen path. The road was difficult and often laced with tears, but through it all we learned to fully appreciate the gift of family. It is our relationships with each other that make us happy, not the things we surround ourselves with. There is nothing like the smirk on my brother’s face when he is about to tease me, or the sweet feel of my niece’s head resting on my shoulder, her tiny body cuddled next to mine. Before my dad died he asked us to get together often and to work together. Knowing my dad, the working together request made sense, but I did pause to contemplate this. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that although playing together is fun and one way we can renew our acquaintance, the best way to build a relationship with someone is to work with them.

This morning I went with my daughter, my sister, and two brothers-law for a jog through a winter wonderland. Three inches of snow blanketed the road and fluffy flakes swirled through the grey sky. The snow clung to my eyelashes, then melted, trickling down my face. The beauty of nature is awe-inspiring. But the warmth of a nice home and the fire flickering in the fireplace in front of me were never more welcomed.

I’m looking forward to the next year, mostly because it will bring the release of my second book, The Keeper’s Quest.¬†Toward the end of January it should be available on Amazon and then make its debut in stores shortly thereafter. The opportunity to share my books with all of you is a miracle, an incredible opportunity, and a blessing for which I will be forever grateful.

May the new year bring you all happiness, joy, and many great books to read!

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