When Have I Failed? (click here to read more)

That is the question I asked myself one dreary and discourage-filled day. I had devoted time equivalent to working a full-time job for the past two years with no concrete proof of any progress in my quest to get my book published. After 14 letters of rejection delivered via US Postal Service, 10 emailed queries to agents who decided it wasn’t the right fit for their agency, 7 emailed queries to publishers who said, “No thanks” or simply didn’t reply, 5 contests entered and changing the title at least 4 times, who wouldn’t wonder if that equaled a failed attempt. I could hear it already, ‘good try, too bad it didn’t work out for you.’

As I contemplated walking away from everything that had to do with publishing and going back to a life of ease riding my horses, a thought came to me as clear as if someone had spoken it aloud. “You haven’t failed until you quit trying.”

I used to HATE rejection, but now I am grateful for each rejection I received because they helped shape and refine my novel and myself. The rejections motivated me to take writing classes, attend conferences, study grammar books, and rewrite again and again. Each rejection brought me to my knees, strengthening my relationship with the Lord as I asked what I needed to do differently.

In the end, no one rejected the version of the book I ultimately submitted to Walnut Springs Press. It had been through a complete metamorphosis and wasn’t the ugly caterpillar I had submitted everywhere else, The Keeper’s Calling was now a butterfly.

Thank you Betsy Love for the Facebook status and picture below that motivated this blog post!

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